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Tuesday, 12 May 2009 21:54

Atmosphere-Ocean Exchnage Research Theme


Air-sea exchange is a major activity within C-CAPS. Research focuses on the exchange of aerosols and various trace gases with the ocean surface. Activities include measurements at Mace Head and on various research vessels. At Mace Head, measurements include eddy-correlation measurements of aerosol number, CO 2, and ozone while gradient flux measurements include PM1 aerosol chemical composition and ozone. A new met and water chemistry buoy is being deployed at Mace Head by the Marine Institute. This buoy will include the capability of measuring oceanic pCO2, fluorescence (chlorophyll-a), currents, conductivity, SST, and dissolved oxygen. The deployment of the buoy will support a recently funded programme on Impacts of Increased Atmospheric CO2 on Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems


This activity fits well with SOLAS-Ireland activities (National Contact Person – Brian Ward). SOLAS-Ireland National Reports available from here (link).


Recent Publications

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