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Friday, 14 October 2011 13:30

Latitude and Longitude

Cottage building 53° 19' 33'' N, 9° 53' 58'' W Grid Ref. 232300N , 073470W
Tower and Shore Laboratory buildings 53° 19' 34'' N, 9° 54' 14'' W Grid Ref. 232360N , 073170W
Time Zone
Elevation above mean sea level
Cottage building 17m
Tower and Shore Laboratory buildings 5m
Air intakes at Cottage 3m
Air intakes at Shore Laboratories
7m and 10m
Air intakes on tower (AGAGE) 14m
Station ID's
AGAGE Mace Head
No. 8
GAW Site
Other site facilities
Milli-Q water system for production of high purity, de-ionised water
Laminar flow clean hoods for filter sample processing
Wind sector controlled sampling systems
Broadband internet access

20m and 10m sampling towers at shore location


Mace Head location on the map:


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